Eclectic and versatile Italian Artist Emiliano Cavalli actively particpates in the cultural life of the three cities in which he lives and works: Turin, Milan and Rome. Born in 1976 in Casale Monferrato in northern Italy,  Cavalli has worked in collaborations with fashion ateliers and designers and exhibited his work from paintings to graphics, photography to design at prestigious galleries across Europe. He takes a break from his art to share insights into his life, passions, and favourite places exclusively with Court Club readers.

img_1157CK: Tell us about the Italian Art scene…

EC: Lively and difficult, especially to emerge has its great difficulties, we are talking about art, not of a necessary good, we must arrive and try to stay at good levels.

CK: When was your first big break?

EC: All are great occasions, I have had the opportunity to work with special people, especially in the field of fashion, but I hope the biggest one has yet to arrive!

The devil wears Prada
Merly Streep by Emiliano Cavalli @esc76

CK: What’s the proudest moment of your career so far?

EC: It’s not a moment, I’m proud to be able to live on art

CK: What’s on your agenda for 2018?

EC: An exhibition in Naples and a lot of projects that I still keep hidden for superstition.

CK: How does being in Italy effect your work?

EC: I do pop art, I love coloring inside the margins, a reference to the coloring books for children, I love the flat backgrounds and the lettering to complete the whole, in short I explode my childish side without too many qualms.

Serena Williams by Emiliano Cavalli
Serena by Emiliano Cavalli @esc76

CK : What made you choose Serena Williams?

EC: The character and the fact that she is one of the most ‘pop’ tennis players, more colorful at times even excessive, close to the strong colors that I like so much

CK: What do you like most about Italy?

EC: Surely the story that is visible in every single stone, the kitchen and the climate.

CK: How do you like to spend your time when you are in Rome?

EC: I like to stay at Villa Borghese, walking for miles, doing the same road twice, the second time looking up, often we do not notice the wonders that surround us. Also, I love getting lost in the Monti neighborhood it’s where I feel closer to my way of life.

CK: Any tips for surviving the summer?

EC: Stay in Rome and get away from the many guided routes, misplace your phone and take long walks, it’s the best time to live it!

Princess Leia by Emiliano Cavalli
Princess Leia, Painting on Canvas by Emiliano Cavalli @esc76

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