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‘Just hanging around playing some Tennis’ – photo produced by photographer Ray Harkness with the model Elyssa L Magee @elcmagee 

Ray Harkness shares his inspirations, creative catalysts and passions exclusively with Court Club Italia Members.

Written by Caroline Kay, Founder & Director, Court Club Italia.

The Tennis art scene is one we are bringing to the forefront of our club house for members to enjoy and we are always excited to see our favourite sport inspire creatives all over the world. This month, 43-year-old Scottish photographer, Ray Harkness, the talented photographer, who has been honing his craft of aerial photography after securing his drone license in August last year, captured our attention.

Harkness’s remote pilot license allowed him to take a collection of stunning shots above the tennis courts at Lakes on Eldridge North in Houston, Texas, USA.

It’s a well known fact, for those in the art world, that “a triptych” was originated in Ancient Rome. Originally, brought to life as a series of three paintings or carved panels, displayed together and usually found on altar’s in early Christian churches. Today, you are more likely to see modern graphics, funky illustrations or emotive photography but nonetheless no matter what the medium each visual story can be unpicked by the emotions they evoke in the viewer. Naturally, when we came across Harkness’ Tennis court triptych on instagram, it was love at first like.  Court Club sits down to find out what life is like for a photographer in the air.

CK: What was your inspiration for this piece and are you a fellow Tennis player?

RH: I was inspired by @hypecourts. After seeing their work, it gave me the idea to go out and shoot my new local hangout from the air. As it was only last year that I started playing Tennis. I had never played before but had lots of table tennis experience….It took me a few games to get the hang of spinning the ball as I was trying table tennis strokes!

It’s really amazing to see the world from this perspective and photography has been a hobby of mine for 4 years now. After getting my aerial licence I set up my company to provide professional high quality images for local realtors. The added bonus of this, is that my remote pilot license opened up new ways to have fun with the camera.

CK: Have you ever been to Italy?

RH: Yes! I went to Sorrento for a friends wedding…the Amalfi Coast was stunning! I am currently based in San Diego California and no trips planned unfortunatly.

CK: Ahhh Amalfi, we love it there, we know and play on some great courts down in Salerno but our HQ is in Rome.

RH: Rome – Beautiful city!

CK: Come and play Tennis with us here anytime, it’s an open invite for you…

RH: I might just do that Caroline!! 🙂

CK: Great – looking forward to it.

Here at Court Club the images evoked a story of battling out a challenge, holding on to a desire to succeed and achievement of reaching a higher place – the ingredients of a great Tennis match.

To our Readers, please share a comment below and tell us what you see…

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